Different and/or extra-wide joints width

problem / reclamation
Different and/or extra-wide joints on parquet, floorboards and others
bowing of parquet rods

Determing wood moisture, hollow layers, joint width
measurement of the bowing with "MicroMess" from Wolff



test device "MicroMess" from the Wolff-company             test device "MicroMess" from the Wolff-Company

Graduate engineer (structural engineer)
Frank Schüppenhauer

For about 31 years I have been working full-time as an evaluator and expert witness all over Germany and abroad.
From the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Chemnitz
publicly appointed and sworn expert witness on field of expertise of "Industrial flooring"
and from the Ingineering Chamber Saxonia on field of
"Object space flooring and living areas flooring"


Registered Office:

ExpertOffice For FloorConstructions

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Schüppenhauer
An der Rosentreppe 6
08527 Plauen

0049 - 3741 - 225292

0049 - 3741 - 224356

0049 - 171 - 7726407


In case of emergency:

In case I cannot be reached directly, leave a message and I will call back as soon as possible.