Quality checking / Testing

Except in the case of special, further laboratory examinations or the extraction of larger cores e.g. from floor constructions, the creation of countless thousands of square meter large levelling surfaces or the like, the preparation for the site visit, the management as well as the execution of all other inspection measures on the spot and in the laboratory up to the finalized report will be accomplished solely by the expert witness graduate engineer F. Schüppenhauer.

The comparison of actual conditions and necessary conditions is the heart of the expert witness examination.
Such examinations should always take place when they seem necessary from the technical point of view and are found to be financially adequate.
To approach a task with the motto: "I have seen that a thousand times, I know at first sight what the problem is." could not only be dangerous for the expert witness – even so, if he is right with his technical evaluation.

In the particular case only the actual existing and verified specific values of the material will permanently last for the overcoming problems and disputes.
Naturally at the same time we have to consider that for example for any client costly examinations to find out why the screed doesn’t have the required consistency, usually are from secondary interest, if this client has a prime contractor to build the object.
In this case the underlying cause for the insufficient consistency of the screed would be unnecessarily.

In the following I will show you a very few selected problems and complaints as they have occurred during my long-term work as expert witness
(about 1.800 reports).




Graduate engineer (structural engineer)
Frank Schüppenhauer

For about 31 years I have been working full-time as an evaluator and expert witness all over Germany and abroad.
From the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Chemnitz
publicly appointed and sworn expert witness on field of expertise of "Industrial flooring"
and from the Ingineering Chamber Saxonia on field of
"Object space flooring and living areas flooring"


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